Have you ever come across Sorry, this content isn’t available right nowon a post that you have recently viewed? You would be left intrigued about the reasons behind it. Well, a list of reasons can cause this error to show up on your screen while viewing a particular post. If you want to know about effective ways to fix them, stick to the end of this article. 

Possible reasons behind the Facebook content not available error

  1. The account owner has blocked you.
  2. You have been unknowingly logged out of your account.
  3. The post has been deleted.
  4. Facebook is down at the moment you are trying to view the post.
  5. The owner of that account has changed the privacy settings of certain posts.
  6. The profile, on which the post is uploaded, has been either deleted or deactivated. 
  7. Existing malware or bugs. 

Solutions to Facebook: this content isn’t available right now! 

  1. Make sure the user of the account, which has posted the content you had been trying to view, has not blocked you. You will be able to view neither the posts nor the profile of that user. Check if the profile is visible. Can you see it? If yes, you are not blocked, hence there might be other reasons. 
  2. While operating Facebook for a long time, you might encounter Facebook: this content isn’t available right now! Because you had been unknowingly logged out. Refresh the page and log in again. 
  3. Check Facebook on other devices if it is down or not. If you find errors, wait until the issues are resolved. 
  4. Request the admin to enable other users to participate in the group to view the post or to let others view it on a personal account. Visit Ityug247 for more info.